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An exciting fast-paced typing game that requires both speed and accuracy in order to complete the challenge and advance to the next level.

The aim of the game is to clear (break) all the characters displayed on the board before time runs out. Break the characters from left to right by selecting the correct sequence of characters from your interactive keyboard.

Dare Or No Dare

A classic party game with adolescents everywhere with a new twist, Dare or No Dare will be the absolute hit of your next party or get together!


The goal is simple: try your luck and dodge hilarious dares. Good Luck!


Home Cooking Challenge

Are you trying to make a change for the better? Do you find yourself growing tired of the hit that both your wallet and body take due to frequently eating at fast food restaurants?


Take our 30 day home cooking challenge! Designed to encourage experimentation and fun in the kitchen through an interactive, month long plan, the Home Cooking Challenge makes it easy to eat healthily!

Super Sports Quiz

Are you a football mega-fan? How about a complete cricket nut? Do you look forward to a golf major or a tennis grand slam event? Maybe your perfect evening is watching two teams hammer it out in a game of rugby? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then why not challenge your sports fan knowledge with the Super Sports Quiz? Better yet, challenge your friends to truly know who is the real champion.


Super Movies Quiz

Do you think you know a lot about popular films? Are you what could only be described as a movie buff? Do you eat, sleep, and breathe in technicolor, silver screen magic?


If so then test yourself and challenge your friends with our Super Movies Quiz app and see if you truly are a film guru.